What is Malware?

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Understanding a Malware Virus

Malware is a generic term for just about any type of malicious software that makes it's way onto your computer or network without your knowledge.  Malware stands for Malicious Software.  Trojans, viruses, worms and trojans can all be considered malware, and will all have different effects on your computer or network depending on the intentions of the malware's creator.

Malware is designed to serve many purposes, but usually only has one goal, to invade your computer and interfere with it's normal operation.  These types of software can simply be intended to play a joke and mess up your system or can be intended to destroy your computer or steal your information.

In most circumstances, malware will make it's way into your system by attaching itself to emails, hiding inside websites or could be included with apparently safe software.  Once malware is inside your computer system, depending on it's purpose it can begin modifying your system files to disable your antivirus software or attempt to sell you fake antivirus software, logging your keystrokes to steal your passwords or access your accounts.

While malware is extremely annoying and potentially dangerous to your personal information, there are always solutions to remove it from your system.  Should you start to notice that your system is slowing down, acting differently, directing your web browser to websites you didn't intend to go to or you may even see new software show up that you didn't install yourself, it's possible that your computer may be infected with malware.

To protect yourself from malware computer infections, it is important to ensure that you have reliable antivirus and computer security software installed, and even more important that the virus and malware definitions are up to date.  Should your system become infected with malware, programs like Malwarebyes (http://www.malwarebytes.org/) can help you remove it from your system.


Should you continue to have malware issues with your computer or notice that your computer is acting differently or running slow, be sure to check out our Virus and Malware Removal Services and give Geeks Anywhere a call to get your computer back to normal.


Article written by Taylor Clark of myRise Design.  Taylor is a professional web designer and internet marketing expert who absolutely loves blogging!  He spends most of his free time developing new marketing strategies and working with clients to develop their brand or business online.  If you're interested in improving your business exposure online, check out his website at www.myRiseDesign.net