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Internet Of Things & My View On Security

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There's a giant rave of people jumping on this device. It is a 24/7 always on "Listening Device" for your home that automates many things throughout your home via voice command. I copied my post from a very technology oriented group thread/discussion. Most, if not all the comments made by owners and tech enthusiasts were positive about this product and its abilities. Please consider very carefully when buying these types of devices. I feel like someone needs to let others know of the dangers and some of the things to consider before before purchasing products like this.


No one cares about privacy anymore. They're willing to exchange comfort, & convenience, for safety and security on many levels. In an effort not to sound like a troll or an alarmist against this particular product....Technology is making people lazy and dumb in my opinion. Many will be very very sorry in the days ahead for their purchases in devices that they feel helps them in their lives while yet could be serious compromises ti security. They don't just need to fear hackers but our government, and other governments. "You build a better mouse trap and mother nature build a "better mouse" This is my theory for how hackers operate. How often is Apple sending out updates for the iPhone to stop the most current Jailbreak and as soon as that patch comes out, jailbreakers are finding ways to get around it. I know this community well as I've followed them for many years. They quickly resolve and create exploits to gain admin privileges as soon as a patch comes out. If we can see a community of people working diligently for jailbreak exploits, how much more goes on that we don't see with other things? 

I love Internet Of Things. But we need to tread water lightly in some areas just for this reason. We don't want to be a 'Target"...Pardon the pun against a nationwide chain store and their malware attach that compromised millions of credit cards. . We should be taking more consideration before opening certain doors. 
Manufactures are not so quick to patch some things as they should be to stop exploits. Compare Adobe Flash. We are opening the doors for Hacker Heaven by some of these devices. 
Go ahead guys. Eat them up. Pay no attention to the warning signs. Think of the safety and security of your homes and your families living in those homes. 
Anyway....I'm just rambling....spouting off about how we need to take security more seriously on some things. Its your choice.

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