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What's The Best Antivirus?

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"What is the best antivirus". 

We get this question all the time. Its never a simple answer because we know what customers are really after.....staying safe on the internet.

Antivirus is only your 1st level of protection. And there's no 100% protection that you can put on your computer. Protection is never a simple answer. Antivirus software is graded on effectiveness of stopping attacks or infections, but this cha

nges daily. Viruses are being created exslusivley to get past your antivirus. There are over 1 million infected created a month. So what happenes if a virus sneaks past your defenses or is too new to be deteced even by the best antivirus? We rely o

 layers of protection. However, here's at least a starting point. n and teach others about multiple

The best protection is "Layers". 

- A layer of education, knowing what to click on what not to etc. Even the popular good sites have infections. - A layer of antivirus not set at its defaults. 
- A layer of windows settings on each of your PC's and protecting your IoT devices in your home (they can hack in thru your thermostat, or coffee pot.) 
- Browser protections is another layer, having script and ad blockers in place, knowing which browsers to use. 
- There's a layer of having a VPN installed where your connection is always tunneled especially when your in public. 
- Phone calls from strangers wanting to get in your PC saying you have an issue. They can steal your identity, and credit card info.
- A layer of further appliances to add to your network like unified threat firewall boxes and strongly encrypted with strong password wireless. 
- Lastly, never solely rely on just one method of protection. 

Even your best antivirus is not going to stop 100% of the attacks that are out there trying to get into your computer.
Every situation is different. Each will have their own set of circumstances. 

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