How To Fix An Overheating Laptop

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Laptop Shutting Down and Overheating

Laptop computers are an extremely popular option when it comes to personal computers as well as business computers for their small size and ability to be transported easily.  Many people though, do not treat them with the care they need, and neglect normal computer care and cleaning habits.  Because laptop computers are small, they only have a limited amount of space for air to flow through, and this is generally through small fans on the bottom of the laptop and exhaust vents on the back or side.  Over time, these fans and vents become clogged with dust, lint, pet hair and any other number of small particles, clogging the fan blades, motor, and heatsinks creating an extremely hazardous operation environment.


Computer Keeps Shutting Down: Computer Overheating

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Computer Keeps Shutting Down:  Computer Overheating

If your computer has been shutting down randomly without warning, it may be overheating.  Your computer by design will automatically shut down if components and parts begin to reach temperatures that could damage them in order to protect itself.  While the computer randomly shutting down my be annoying, it is actually saving you in the long run by preventing your computer parts from becoming damaged and unusable.


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