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Home Computer Setup and Training by Geeks Anywhere

Did you purchase a new computer online or from one of the big box stores and need help setting it up?  Perhaps you purchased a computer for a family member or loved one and need someone to set it up for them, either way, Geeks Anywhere is your one stop shop for anything computer setup related.  

Our qualified and experienced Geeks can:

  • Setup, configure and optimize your new desktop or laptop computer
  • Install your new Windows or Mac operating system
  • Install your favorite computer programs and software
  • Setup and configure your internet services and internet connection
  • Setup and configure a wired or wireless network for all the devices in your home
  • Help setup your personal email accounts using third party email software
  • Install your electronic devices: Printers, scanners, PDAs, smart phones, cameras and more
  • Setup antivirus software, internet security software, parental controls, personal firewalls and data backup/recovery settings to ensure your data stays safe and secure
  • Teach you how to use your new computer and any electronic devices you may need to use


If you're ready to get your new computer setup by experienced professional or need help learning to use your new computer, give Geeks Anywhere a call at 225-235-0846 and we'll get a qualified Geek out to help you!

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