Business Software Installation & Support



Business Software Installation and Support

Our professional, experienced computer geeks are here to help you setup your office computers and other devices.  In addition to our hardware installation services, we also offer a wide range of software and operating system installation and support services to keep your computers and business software up to date, secure and running smoothly.

Software Installation Services

  • Software Compatibility Screening:  Prior to any software installation, Geeks Anywhere will help you ensure that your current technology is capable of handling the software you wish to use, and make sure that your devices are prepared to receive the software.  If your hardware isn't capable of meeting the demands of your software, we'll provide you with consultations to advise you on what hardware will work best for your business.
  • Software Installation:  We don't stand over your shoulder and watch you install your software, we actually install the software for you!  We will help you plan and schedule all software installations, and setup and configure your new software for you.

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